Evangelism at a Square in Trieste: Photo Gallery

Setting up the instruments


Pastor Veglio and Nicola mounting the banner


Piazza Della Borsa, in anticipation of the event


Alessandro’s enthusiasm


Ettore handing out flyers


Great interest in what was happening


Behind the stage, the magnificent building ‘Camera di Commercio’


The evangelization has started


The first participants


The interest increases


Pastor Veglio evangelizes a person who shows interest


A cyclist also stops to listen


Minister Vincenzo announces the Gospel


Fabiana testifies about her conversion to Christ


Fidele evangelises, translated by Ettore


Minister Vincenzo announces the Gospel


Fabiana, Domenico, Sonia, Gianluca, accompanied by Daniele, sing about Jesus


Antonio also shares his conversion


Some pretend to be indifferent


Fidele prays, translated by Ettore


In the evening, the crowd increases


In the dark, many draw near


The crowd in the square are attentive


Fidele’s fervor