Unto us a child is born


"Unto us a child is born"

The conversion to Christ of Titilayo Fawojure
a nigerian girl who had been prepared for demonic service


My grandmother had just two boys and she wanted a female child, but, since she didn't have one, she wanted a granddaughter. From the bit of history that I was told, she had to make different sacrifices in order to have a daughter or a granddaughter. The implication of this was that either the daughter or granddaughter that she was supposed to have, had been dedicated before birth to different gods. Part of the convenant with these gods was that this daughter was to have the best of whatever she wanted, the best of clothes... the best of everything, including education. She didn't have a daughter and I happened to be the first granddaughter. She died when I was still very young. I never knew her. I only knew her through the photographs that I was shown when I grew up.

NigeriaIn order to fulfil the pledges that she made of giving that daughter the very best of everything including education, I had to leave the village where I was born and go to stay with my uncle in the city. They had made all these arrangements before I was born. When I was four years old I was taken from the village where I was born (Ise-Ekiti, a village close to Akure, a town of Ondo State, in the SouthWest of Nigeria), to the city (Ibadan, capital of Oyo State, also in the SouthWest of Nigeria), to stay with my uncle. But I remember that before I left, sacrifices had to be performed, and I had incisions made (i.e. cuts with blades and knives to allow blood to flow out; different specially prepared powders were then rubbed into the cuts). These were blood convenants with other gods. I remember that I had all this done as a kind of preparation for going into the city in order to achieve my grandmother's dreams. I also remember that before I left for the city I also went to an anglican church. So right from that age I was a bit confused. After the church service I remember I also had to go to my grandmother's grave, to talk to her and tell her that I was going to the city. I was told what to say at the graveyard. So I left. My father took me to the city. I also remember that one of the things that my mother told me before leaving was that now, I was going to the city, I had to cut my links with the spirit world. Or, even if I didn't cut them completely, I shouldn't let people know that I had such links. The reason she said this was because of the experiences I had had regularly. I could collapse or get sick any time I wanted. I could faint at will and drift out of my body to look and observe it and others from outside. I could leave my human body, to cause problems to others, who tried to make me to wake up. To me, it was a game. I also had friends in the spirit world, I could talk to them and eat with them. When I ate, I didn't just eat from one plate but from at least four because I had other friends. Other people couldn't see these so called `friends' but they could see the food disappearing. My mother said to me, when I was going to the city "If people know that you have such friends they'll see you as somebody strange, they wouldn't understand. So try to tell your friends not to show themselves. When you have to talk to them, talk to them in a secret place". For this reason, she told me, I shouldn't try to faint, when I got to the city. My great-grandmother, who was still alive at that time, also called me, explaining to me that she couldn't say much but she understood the reason why I did those things, that it was because of being dedicated to those gods. She told me that those things were not good for me and that when I grew up I should try and find a way to stop them. In addition she mentioned that it would need a greater power to break off those links.That was her advice to me, before I left for the city. Great-grandmother, I remember, was very elderly and couldn't do any work. Often she would sit in a corner, reading a black covered book which I now believe was a Bible. I also recollect that she was one of those who attended the Christ Apostolic Church; she used to sing nice songs, but I never got really close to her. She emphasized that I really needed to get out of those things, she never explained further; so I just laughed at her. When I reached my uncle's house in the city, I started primary school; everything carried on normally. I noticed that I no longer spoke to my spirit friends aloud; I still had those friends; I called them friends because I thought they were really friends. Food was no longer prepared for these friends, they still came and ate from my plate. At that time I thought it was normal, I didn't see anything wrong with it. I couldn't understand why others couldn't see them.

There are some other things I noticed when I was at primary school: it was possible for me to know in advance what the teacher was going to say. Learning was very easy for me and I made rapid advances. People regarded me as a brilliant girl but I knew that my success was not through my own intelligence. I usually knew what people were thinking about, or what they were going to say before they said it. This was what really helped me with my rapid learning. It got to a point where I could even tell who was coming into the house, before they appeared. There were indeed lots of other things I could do but some things made me think there was something wrong. I was terribly afraid of darkness, I couldn't go out when it was dark. If I found myself in darkness, I would scream my head off. When I laid down to sleep I found I didn't really sleep but I found myself in an other world entirely, doing one thing or an other while my body would still be in bed.

There was a point in time when I was made to understand in this other spirit world that I was supposed to have children and I was supposed to be the queen of a particular area, and they were waiting for the time when this would happen. I noticed that as I grew up, I no longer saw my friends in the spirit world as friends any more, but as servants. I could send them off to do whatever I wanted. I also noticed that their number had increased from my younger days. For example, if someone made me angry, I would just tell these servants to knock that person off his or her chair and indeed it would happen. I never fought in school, in fact I was regarded as a very nice girl at school. Nobody regarded me as being violent but I could do anything I wanted to people who offended me, by just looking at them and saying what I wanted to happen to them; people would wonder how it happened.

At home my uncle had to regard me as his first daughter and his wife had to do the same. That was part of the arrangement. I called my uncle "Father" and his wife "Mother"; this was all part of my grandmothers arrangements. My uncle's wife felt threatened by this arrangement. She had her own children. Her first daughter was four years younger than myself. By right she should have been her first daughter but my uncle always introduced me as his first daughter. His wife had no choice but to agree with this, I was imposed on her as her first daughter. Even on legal papers my name went down as his first daughter. His wife had to do everything for me as first daughter and her daughter was regarded as my junior sister.

My going to the city was to enable me get the best materially and culturally but it was also part of the spiritual preparation for what I was to become in the spirit world. In my uncle's house I started participating actively in the sacrifices that had to be made, some of the sacrifices were made to the dead; we didn't go to the graveyard to do that, since my grandmother was buried in the village. We used to do these sacrifices at home. We would, for example, kill a dog or some other animal and pour the blood on the big toe of both my left and right foot and say some ritual words The left big toe was supposed to represent my grandmother and the right one, some other person whom I can't remember.

We didn't perform these sacrifices on a daily basis, but we did them from time to time, as my uncle felt it necessary. During some of the sacrifices, we were made to lick some terrible things. We didn't regard ourselves as pagans because we still went to church. My paternal grandmother, who made all those arrangements, held an important position in her church. If we were asked what our religion was, we would answer that we were christians. We read the Bible once a year, on the 31st of December, when we would then sing and pray. The prayers were usually to thank God for the past twelve months. Immediately after this, we also began to say things to other gods: the god of stone, the god of iron, and so on. We performed a lot of sacrifices to the god of iron; to whom dogs are traditionally sacrified. I can remember using dogs very often but we would also use chickens, rabbits and other animals which my uncle would go out to look for. We cut the animal and we poured the blood on a cutlass or some other metal. There were other times when incisions had to be made on our bodies, for example on our tongue, hand, or head. This practice was common because when my uncle felt that there was an enemy after us we resorted to these incisions. At times, he brought home various sacrifices for us to eat; these are the types of things that we would often do for protection. As I grew up, God to me then, wasn't as I know him now, he was the god of stone, the god of iron and other different gods put together. Christ didn't have any particular place. I did not know who Jesus was.The type of life we were living then we thought was the best way to make us progress and succeed in life. I remember I used to enjoy things that had to do with demons although I did not know they were demonic then. I enjoyed reading books about strange things; monsters, horror stories, strange fairy tales, and the like. In fact I saw them as normal reading material and my uncle encouraged me in these things. As I grew up, I discovered that I was being initiated to higher levels in the spirit world. I now had more of these spirits working for me, I could get whatever I wanted at home. I got to a stage where I could know what people were thinking of. I just had to wish something about someone and it would happen to them physically. I enjoyed this power because I could control things; I could tell people in my mind what I wanted them to do and they did it.This gave me a kind of pride.

There was a time when we started going to church more often. What attracted me to the church were the songs, I enjoyed the songs although they did not mean much to me. I noticed that some of those who sang the songs were quite happy; they seemed to be enjoying themselves.I started asking for permission to go to church more often and I was allowed to. At church I made more friends but it was just like a social gathering to me. There was another thing that attracted me, this was a school with very good final year examination results plus it was an all girls school. I told my uncle that that was the school I wanted to go to, and no other; my uncle actually agreed. To be admitted into the school one had to go through three days of examinations and interviews but I was confident that whatever question I was asked I would have no problems answering, even if I had never read anything about those subjects before. I finished the examinations and the interviews but it was a very long time before the results came out. I kept telling my uncle that I wanted to go to that school because it was the best school around and of course it was agreed that I should have the best. Finally the result came and I was admitted to the school. I was happy that I was admitted into that secondary school but it did not cross my mind that it was a christian school, even so the fact it was a christian school didn't make any difference at all. When I got to school, I discovered that one of the regulations was to kneel down and pray and read the Bible for thirty minutes every morning, this was part of the school program. I did not like this but since it was compulsory, I decided I would kneel and sleep the time away. We were given a devotional book called The daily bread, and a bible, I just opened them, but I never read them. I didn't bother reading the Bible because I was not used to it, although I knew a few bible stories. We had to pray before we ate and we had an assembly every morning, in which we had praise and worship; we also read the Bible and prayed before going to classes. Every evening we had "house prayer meeting", there were six different hostels (we called them houses) and each-one gathered for prayer meeting from 6 to 6.30 p.m.. At these gatherings we would pray and read the Bible.

All these christian activities became too much for me, I felt I went to that school, I thought, to study, not for religious activities. Initially I tried to close my mind to them but since we had them everyday it was impossible to ignore them. The only thing I liked about these activities were the songs; we had a song book which we carried in our pockets to these activities. Some of the girls even met on Sunday afternoons and evenings to sing and read the Bible. These meetings were not compulsory, I was in fact invited to these meetings a number of times but I didn't bother to go. On sundays we had normal services in the morning, which were compulsory but these girls would still meet in the afternoon and evening. I wondered why these girls just loved to talk about the Bible all the day long, it seemed too much to me. In any case I liked the girls because they were kind, friendly and always looked happy. It came to a point where I said to myself "Even if these girls are happy, let us see if they are powerful". At this point I felt I was very powerful and I could do anything I wanted. I started on a particular girl; she was very close to me, in fact we were in the same class, and shared the same room. She would always invite me to their christian meeting; some nights I sent a mouse to go and scare her from time to time, when she saw the mouse, she would scream; in fact any girl would be frightened of a mouse crawling on her bed. I did that just to scare her. After a while I thought that instead of just frightening her I would try to hurt her by making her sick, or fall down; none of these worked. Occasionally it looked as if she would fall down but she didn't. I noticed that during these periods she began to talk aloud, I didn't know at that time, she was praying. Even during those times that I sent the mouse to scare her, after screaming she would end up praying and then she would sleep peacefully. One other thing I did to this girl and some of the others in the christian group was to get them into trouble in the class. I could make a noise and nobody would know it was me but the other girls would get the blame and be punished for it. At times, they knew I was responsible because I told them but in spite of this, they were still kind to me; indeed the girl who had first invited me to the christian meetings still came to invite me.

When I went home, I told my uncle about these girls and he said I should not bother about them. Later on he also told me to avoid them because they were not my type and that they were my enemies. I so much wanted to be their friend because they were always happy and had a peace about them which I didn't fully understand but I wanted to find out why they were like this. My uncle said I should not be friend them, he said "They are demons, they are evil, they will hurt you, they are your enemies, don't go to them". I was also told that I would be given more power in order to be able to deal with these "demons". I went back to school with this idea built into my mind and I was very confident I now had more power than before. When I got to school, I tried out my powers on these girls but the more I tried, the more I failed and they just seemed to be stronger. In spite of this, they did not take me as their enemy; infact they weren't bothered at all. The way I explained their atitude was that perhaps they did not realize they had power themselves. They didn't go around trying to use or show off their power; it looked to me as if they were ignorant of the power they had but I knew they had power. On the contrary, I felt the power I had, must be used and used on them but it did not work.

There came a time when it became difficult to sleep during the prayer time in the morning because there were fewer of us and we were in a smaller room; it was therefore much easier to check on each person. When the room head came to wake me, I would scream and cause a lot of trouble but I was still forced to read the Bible; indeed I was forced to listen during morning assemblies. All these things started to have an effect on me, I now had a different view about God, not the god of stone, or the god of iron but I began to see God as the Creator, the God of Israel. This was the way God was presented to us then. We were told that there was a relationship between this God and Jesus Christ. The songs and the activities in the school kept reminding me of this God. Whenever I wrote or went home, I told them about these ideas but they kept warning me against them.

From my youngest days, I loved classical music, one of the pieces I particularly liked was Händel's Messiah. My uncle had the record and I would play it over and over again; the part I preferred was the bit with the words of Isaiah 9:6 "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders and he shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty king, the everlasting father, the prince of peace"; I had a deep desire to know who the child in this song was. My idea at that time was that the child must have been a very powerful one. Indeed, because of my own experience with power in the spirit world, I was comparing this child to myself. At times I wished I could have met that child in the spirit world, to have held him and talked to him. After a while, I forgot about this child, or so I thought.

When I got to school, I continued to hear about Jesus but I did not link Jesus with the child of Isaiah 9:6. Christmas time was approaching; during our normal Bible study, we just happened to take our text from Isaiah chapter 9. The child in Isaiah 9:6 was also mentioned in some of our Christmas songs. Then I remembered about that child again and wondered if there could be a link between that child and Jesus. I was confused because I had been told that christians were demons and enemies; now I know that my friends who were christians always talked about Jesus. Before this, I was not interested in the name of Jesus but now I wanted to know more about him and to know if there was a link between the child of Isaiah 9:6 and this Jesus my friends talked about. At that time I asked the spirits (who I now regarded as my servants) but they did not gave me a clear answer; when I persisted they gave me some vague answer, just to show that they had answered. I felt however the answer was incomplete. They told me not to worry, and to remember, those christians were my enemies.

One Saturday night, the girl who normally invited me for christian meetings, invited me to a singing program; I declined and told her that I had other things to do. The girl persisted however and would go away only to come back a few minutes later trying to persuade me again but each time I refused. At one point she suggested that I need go inside the place where program was being held but could just stay at the entrance and listen. She described the singers as very good, popular ones too (the Jesus Revolution Group). Eventually she left, not coming back for a long time. At this point I felt very relieved and said "Oh, finally she's gone!". I was happy that she would not be back to bother me again, so I was very surprised to see her back yet again. At this point I finally agreed to go with her but my plan was very different from hers; I thought I would just stay for a little while and when she was not looking, I would walk out. When we got there, the program had just started. The lyrics of one of the songs they sang was "What is this life but a shadow, what is this life but a dream; it vanishes away". Those words set me thinking; my upbringing in connection with the spirit world made me understand statements that have spiritual meanings. I understood that if a life was like a shadow, then it was not worth anything, was not stable, it may be there today and gone tomorrow. Though my initial plan was to stay for a short time and then walk away, I found I could not leave. After a while they started praying and that particular song I referred to before, was on my mind, and I asked myself "Titi, is it really true; if it is true what is your own life like? Are you sure you are not even a shadow? I may actually be a shadow because I often left my body at night laying on the bed. Maybe - I wondered - I am the shadow of someone else". The thought continued to come to mind "If I am a shadow, when the sun or a bright light comes, I might just disappear. I also remembered that I was afraid of darkness and I asked myself "Why am I afraid of darkness?"

All these thoughts continued foremost in my mind until a lady stood up and started adressing the audience, she started to talk about Jesus. As she spoke, she started to mention things I was thinking about there and then; she actually began to talk about me as it where. She said "You have been living in darkness, now you are wondering what is going to happen to you, you can't even go near the darkness but you are part of the darkness. You don't have any hope!". Indeed she said a lot of things I had thought about myself, when I was alone. Other things came to my mind as well, things that my grandmother told me; the child of Isaiah 9:6; my christian friends of whom I had been warned were demons: there was confusion in my mind because these friends were some of the kindest people I knew; when you hurt them, they never took or wanted revenge. It was obvious that these friends of mine were living on another level of life. In fact it would be correct to say that they were on another spiritual plane, indeed very different from mine and I wondered how I could get to that level.

Many things the lady said, were things I had thought about during that week and yet she seemed to know all about them and was talking about them in front of everybody. My first reaction was anger; especially with the girl who had invited me, indeed I thought the girl must have told the woman everything about myself and that this was why she had been persistent about my coming to the program. Well, I made up my mind that I was going to use all the power I had to get that girl and punish her. No sooner had I had these thoughts, the lady speaking said "You may think someone has told me something about you. Well, nobody told me anything but God knows you and Jesus loves you". At that point I said "There must be something wrong. It couldn't have been the girl after all who told the lady about me because the lady was saying what I was thinking about right there and then, and I also knew this girl couldn't just have gone to tell her what I was thinking". In fact I hadn't told anyone my immediate thoughts but here was this woman repeating them in front of everyone. My next line of action was that I was going to attack the lady on the stage; I decided I was going to call all my servants to come and fight her because she was telling everybody about me. At the moment I thought this, the lady said. "Don't think you have enough power to challenge the power of Jesus. You are living in darkness. Jesus is the light. Come to the light". I thought "This is just too much, let us sort this thing out, once and for all". At that point, I said to myself "Now we are really going to sort it out, we are going to sort out who is who. If she is more powerful, let us find out". I started trying out all the powers I knew on her but she didn't stop at any time. Nothing I tried affected her. Each time she spoke, she was just replying to the things I was thinking about in my mind. She was very calm, cool and confident about what she was saying. I forgot about everybody around me and it was as if it was just a fight between the two of us. I wanted her to fall down, I wanted her to faint, or just die there and then, on the stage. Everything she said was like a mirror reflecting back all I wanted to happen to her. She kept saying "Don't bother to struggle, there is only one name at which every knee must bow. There is nothing you can do about it, Jesus is the ultimate power, he is the ultimate authority. Why don't you submit to him". She also said "Don't think that those powers you were given even before you were born will amount to anything when it comes to the power of Jesus".

She continued like this for quite a while and I thought that it was impossible for anyone to have known all that and be able to say it so confidently, there must have been something more than the ordinary at work there. At that point she said "If you are so much in doubt, why not just try? Forget about all your own powers, forget about your own efforts. Come to Jesus, just try him. If you find out otherwise, then you can forget about him, you will have convinced yourself that you have tried". For me, that was a challenge. I said to myself "After all she has said and all I have tried, I give up, let me try and go to her". She kept saying "You are in darkness, why not come to the light of the Lord Jesus Christ and he would deliver you from your fears of this and that" and she began to mention certain things that were my own personal fears, things that only I knew. At that point I had no choice but to admit that there was something more powerful at work. I thought this must be someone that knew me and had come from another spiritual level, higher than mine, since my power had no effect on her.

I decided to try; as I was making up my mind to try, she said "If you are going to make up your mind to come to the light, the first thing you must do is to stand up, to prove that you have made up your mind". Since I had made up my mind, I wanted to stand up but I could not. It was as if I was glued to the chair. I tried again but it was difficult; then she said "Don't be bound, come, loose, be free in the name of Jesus. If you call on Jesus, He will deliver you". Again I tried and again I found that I couldn't get up from my seat because all of my so called servants were holding me down. Indeed they were holding me down with great determination. For me it was the first time I found out I was being held back from doing what I wanted to do. All along I had been brought up having everything I wanted and these servants did everything I wanted them to do. I said to myself there was nothing spectacular about the woman "Why can't I just try what she was saying?". I could hear these spirits protesting, saying "No, you can't. You are not allowed to do this. You are not allowed. We can't let you go". I said "When did you start giving me orders? I normally give the orders, you shouldn't be giving me orders". The spirits said "No, we have orders and we are the ones giving you orders today". I said "I want to go. I want to try what she's saying. Why can't you let me go. What are you so much afraid of?" but they were holding me down as if it was a matter of life and death to them.

At that point, it was as if the woman was part of the conversation. She said "Whatever is holding you down, speak to them, call on the name of Jesus. There is no power that can resist that name". With that, I said to myself "Why can't I just take her word for it and do what she said? After all, these ones are not obeying me, they don't want me to go to her. Maybe she has more powers". I just said "In the name of Jesus", as soon as I shouted the name of Jesus, they all fell back, and I stood up. Spiritually, the picture I saw was as if there was a big flash of light, like lightning in fact, very fast. As I was standing up, the woman said "Don't just stand up, come forward. Now that you are standing up you are making a declaration. Move from darkness. You are still standing there, move from darkness, move foreward. Jesus is waiting for you, you can see him". When I stood up it was as if I could touch the darkness in my life, very thick darkness; and ahead of me I could see the light: it was just where the woman was standing. I said "After all, I have made those spirits angry, I should go all the way and find out what this is all about. I moved forward towards her and, as I was  going, she said "Tell the devil goodbye, you are not going to look back, you are not going to turn back to him". Then I moved forward and stood in front of her. While I was walking towards her, I could hear strong protests "No, you shouldn't go! No! No! We shall try and catch you. You have a lot to do for us". I wondered why they didn't tell me that before. It was as if I was being used and being prepared to do something for some one else's service. I walked foward; when I got to the front, it was then I realized there were also other people around me, who had come forwards to accept Christ. We prayed, during which the woman mentioned something about that child in Isaiah 9:6. She said "Accept Jesus Christ into your heart as a child. Jesus came into the world as a child. That is why the Bible says Unto us a son is given, ...". She quoted Isaiah 9:6. At that point I thought: "Here comes that lovely child I had being looking for, for such a long time.

I accepted Jesus into my life, at this point I confessed "I didn't know many things. I am coming from darkness into the light and so I would like to know more about the light". The lady prayed for us and told us some other people would talk to us. Somebody took me aside and started talking to me about what it means to accept Jesus into my heart but I didn't find it easy to explain to that person what I had gone through. I just told the person that I had come out of darkness into the light. The person counselled me about the christian life and told me about things I would need to grow in it; that person also prayed for me.

After this I was very happy because I had found that child I was looking for. I was very excited, I started telling everybody that I had accepted Jesus. I didn't know where to start from but I wanted everybody to know about it. So, that very night (9th February 1977) I looked for the highest place around the school, in fact I was looking for a tree to climb but when I did not find one I climbed onto the water tank. I stood on it and I shouted at the top of my voice "Listen all the hostels, listen all girls, whoever can hear listen, listen you trees, listen you dogs, ... Today I have given my life to Jesus, I'm not following the devil anymore". I jumped down from the top of the tank and ran from one hostel to the other. I was so excited, I just couldn't stand still. I told everyone I met "Do you know what happened to me tonight? I've accepted Jesus!". Some girls thought I was crazy because they knew that I never went to christian meetings, I didn't like them. "How come then - they thought - she is now shouting she's accepted Jesus".

I was very excited, I wanted everybody to know what had happened to me, before we went to bed that night (we normally went to bed at 10 p.m.). As I went about telling people what had happened to me, I met the girl who had invited me to the programme, she was in the company of some other christian girls. They were just coming from where the program was held because they had stayed back to pray. I told her that I was excited that I had accepted Jesus Christ but there was something I wanted her to do immediately, I told her it was urgent and that I wanted her to do it right there and then. As she was wondering what it was all about, I showed her a big mark I had on my left hand, on the wrist. I had had that mark since I was very young. I remember a man had come into the room where I was at the time right through the wall, holding a boomerang which he threw at me. The boomerang entered my body through my hand leaving a wrinkle. It burnt through every part of my body while rotating at the same time leaving the mark on my hand where it had entered. The following morning my auntie saw the mark and asked me what it was; I was very much afraid but couldn't tell her what had happened. I knew it was one of those things that I had to go through to aquire more spiritual power but I did not like it. I wanted somebody to help me but I couldn't bring myself to tell anybody. The night of my conversion I related this story to the girls. They didn't seem to understand me, so I just told them what I wanted them to do immediately, that was to pray for me so the thing that had entered my body would come out. I told them that since Jesus was in me this thing could not remain in me and indeed I believed that when they prayed for me it would come out. On praying for me, scales started falling from my body, they were real scales, like those of a large fish. Scales were coming out from that mark on my wrist and it was as if they were coming out from inside my body. These scales continued to fall onto the floor until there was a big heap on the floor. After a while, it ceased and the mark, which was like a hole on my wrist, disappeared leaving a tiny mark in its place. I started to think of what I could do with the scales but the other girls had already decided to get a broom to sweep them up however I prevented them from doing anything, "Nobody should touch them, they are not our property". Then the scales disappeared. While the girls were still wondering what had happened, I left them and started telling people about the first miracle that had taken place in my life after I had accepted Jesus. That night for the first time in my life I slept peacefully and I felt like a little baby. The following day was a sunday morning and it was the brightness of the sun that woke me. When I saw the brightness of the sun, what came to my mind was "Here comes Jesus", The brightness of the light reminded me "I now belong to the light, now I'm waking up in Jesus". I was very happy and from that day on and every sunday morning I would always wish that Jesus would come. It reminded me of that first sunday when I woke up and knew that I was with Jesus.

Another thing that made that day significant for me was that three nights before, I had been told that I was supposed to be initiated into a higher level of witchcraft on that particular Saturday night. I did not like the thought of this at all because then I could use the power I had the way I wanted to (I could even help people if I wanted to).With this level of initiation however I knew that one of the things I would begin to do was to suck blood, human blood and to use it for sacrifices. I was contemplating in my mind whether to go or not when three nights before that Saturday, there was a big thunderstorm; while lying on my bed, a man came into the room and said "Get up. I've come to show you something. In an other three days you'll become someone more important and we need to prepare you for that responsibility. I'll show you where the meeting is being held". (By word of explanation, to go to a meeting I would leave my physical body and travel to that place. People looking at the bed would see only my body my real identity wasn't there, I was in the spirit world. Often I would attend meetings this way, sometimes I could even identify physically, those I met at those meetings in the spirit world. At times I would even bump into them in the physical as well). The man took me out of the room, we did not need to open the door, we just passed straight through the wall. When we got out, there was a big thunderstorm and a strong wind, the wind broke a branch from a tree and the branch was thrown towards me. The branch was withered and dried up, I caught it but I didn't hold on to it properly, it fell from my hand so I quickly picked it up and followed the man. The man gave me the impression that the branch was a staff of office and that I should have caught hold of it properly. I think I dropped the branch again because I can't remember taking it to the meeting. When I got there I saw big birds, with red beaks, they were just like vultures but I knew they weren't, in fact they were human beings,their beaks were red because they had just finished sucking blood. When I arrived, they all bowed down and welcomed me and told me that a position had been reserved for me at birth. They told me I could not reach the highest position until I got to a certain age and that for the moment I should serve as the Secretary. They said I had to wait three days before I could get that highest position and that I was to prepare for what was going to happen, when I joined them. That particular Saturday would be my fourteenth birthday and this was the reason why I didn't find it easy to accept the invitation of the girl as I was waiting for that man to come and take me to this unknown venu. As it turned out I went with the girl to the music programme just a few seconds before the man came. Events however as have been seen, were to take a different course from the ones I had planned. Indeed I had fully intended to leave the girl at the meeting and meet the man later on. That man as it turned out was among those preventing me from standing up to accept Christ that night.
Thank God, as I have told, its attempt failed.

Titilayo Fawojure